Councilmember Chris Ledesma Kicks Off Flood Preparedness Week in West Sacramento

 Councilmember Chris Ledesma spoke at a news conference on Tuesday morning highlighting West Sacramento’s efforts to reduce the risk of flooding and talk about the importance of flood preparedness.

Councilmember Ledesma was joined by Major Jeffrey Palazzini from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Darren Suen from the California Department of Water Resources. The three agencies again collaborated for California Flood Preparedness Week, a week of flood emergency education and outreach throughout the state.

“Washington Unified School District has been a great partner in getting this message across,” said Ledesma to a full room of students, parents, teachers and flood-related agencies. “I’m counting on you to talk to your parents about flood control and flood preparedness.”

The city’s flood protection agency, West Sac Flood Protect, is working diligently to improve levees throughout the city with three projects already completed, and their biggest project to date in the final stages of design.

West Sacramento is home to over $5.3 billion in commercial, residential and industrial properties and 50,000 residents. Surrounded by water during a typical winter, flood preparedness is necessary to protect existing investment and provide stability for businesses now and in the future.

This is the second year West Sacramento participated in California Flood Preparedness Week. Last year the city hosted a Supermarket Sweep event featuring community leaders. The City also distributed both a newsletter and bill insert citywide. The innovative and effective program won the 2014 Association of State Floodplain Managers National Media Outreach Award.

Major Jeffrey Palazzini reminded students and parents that, “It is tough to talk and think about flood preparedness on such a beautiful day as this in the middle of a drought… but most droughts end in flooding.”

“You may be wondering why we are talking about floods in a drought, but California is a state of extremes,” said Darren Suen. “Flooding can come even in dry times.”

West Sac Flood Protect encourages residents to prepare for a flood now when there is no major threat of storms. It is as simple as making a plan for you and your family, packing an emergency flood preparedness kit and protecting your home and property with flood insurance – PLAN, PACK, PROTECT.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District and the state of California’s Department of Water Resources have developed a video featuring local floodplain managers and city officials, including the Mayor of West Sacramento, Christopher Cabaldon, that explains how flooding can affect residents even during a drought. Go to to learn more about flood preparedness for Northern and Central California.

Where flood waters flow on Youtube

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Fall Water Conservation Tips

Summer is over and fall has arrived!

Water Year 2014 ended on September 30th as one of California’s driest ever with no promise this water year will be any wetter.

It is more important than ever to remember that just because we are out of the dry season doesn’t mean the drought is anywhere near over. When (and if) rain comes conserving water may be the last thing that comes to mind. However, water conservation should be a daily, year-round habit for all of us.

To help guide us into the cooler, fall months in California, here are some tips and ideas on how to conserve water all season long:

• Change your sprinkler schedule. As the weather cools down, lawns and plants don’t need as much water… and when it’s raining, they don’t need to be watered at all. Change your sprinkler timer now and then remember to turn if off when it is raining. Another option is to invest in a weather-based sprinkler and never worry about your sprinkler schedule.

• Get a jump on spring plantings. Gardeners will tell you that plants set in the fall season require less water and will look better come springtime!

• Help your trees survive the drought. Continue to water wisely and maintain your trees and landscape carefully throughout the fall season. Our trees provide a wide range of benefits at a low cost and with little effort.

• Invest in a rain barrel. Consider using a rain barrel to collect and store rain water runoff throughout the wet months. Water collected can be used to water indoor or outdoor plants, when needed, instead of turning on your sprinklers.

• Redirect downspouts to capture water. Simply redirect downspouts outside your home to capture any rainwater and direct it to garden or plant areas.

• Check for leaks. Find and fix leaks now! One way to find out if you have a leak present is to read your water meter before and after a two-hour period when no water is being used. If the meter does not read exactly the same, you most likely have a leak.

• Install low-flow showerheads. Most water is wasted outdoors, but did you know showers are the largest indoor water waster? Reduce your indoor water use by as much as one-third by simply switching your old showerheads for low-flow showerheads.

• Hold a household meeting to remind others to stick to these easy water saving tips:
– Keep showers to 5 minutes (a shower timer is handy)
— Run the dishwasher and washing machine with full loads only
— Fill the sink when hand washing dishes—don’t let the water run
— Don’t use the toilet as a wastebasket
— Keep a bucket in the shower to catch water that can be used on container plants

For more water saving tips and ideas year-round, visit

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New Water Conservation instructional videos!

New Water Conservation instructional videos!

Have questions about fixing water leaks in your home?

Need help setting your sprinkler timer?

Ever wonder how much water your garden really needs to thrive?

If so, check out the new videos available at the Regional Water Authority’s website.

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The Job Fair! Coming Oct. 29. West Sacramento City Hall

If you’re looking for a job, this is where you need to be–The Job Fair, Wednesday, Oct. 29, 11 a.m.-2p.m. in the West Sacramento City Hall Galleria, 1110 West Capitol Ave., West Sacramento 95691. Brought to you by the Yolo County Dept. of  Employment & Social Services, the City of West Sacramento, the West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce, and the Yolo County Workforce Investment Board.

Plus, more than 35 employers and apprenticeship programs will be on hand. They’re looking to hire full-time and part-time employees–and network with you. Also available: free resume review! Learn the best practices of resume writing and connect with professional employment counselors to:

(1) Enhance and/or create your resume;
(2) Practice your personal “elevator pitch”, and
(3) Network with community and business leaders.

Please bring your resume to the Job Fair and dress for success!

Job Fair contact: Steve.roberts @

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WSPD Community Meeting in Old West Sacramento Neighborhood, Oct. 28

Police DepartmentRepresentatives from the West Sacramento Police Department will attend “The Old West Sacramento Neighborhood” community Meeting, Tuesday, Oct. 28, 7 p.m., at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 1500 Park Blvd.

Focus of the discussion will be on the issues related to those who live in Beat 2, in and around the State Streets neighborhoods. Personnel from various units within the West Sacramento Police Department will be on hand to answer questions that residents may have regarding crime issues.  Community beat meetings are designed to strengthen the partnership between the police department and the community it serves.  For more information, please contact Lt. Tod Sockman at (916) 617-4951.

WHAT: Community  Meeting (Beat 2, in and around the State Streets neighborhoods.)
WHO: All  interested residents
WHERE: Trinity  Presbyterian Church, 1500  Park Blvd, West  Sacramento, CA
WHEN: Tuesday,  October 28, 2014 at 7:00 PM
Come  early for a $5.00 Taco Tuesday dinner at 6:30 p.m. hosted by The Old West  Sacramento Neighborhood Group.  Please RSVP for the dinner to  (916)203-3345.
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Fall Fun Fest at Bridgeway Lakes Boathouse, Oct. 26

The Fall Fun Fest is a Bridgeway Lakes Community fundraising event, Sunday, Oct. 26, at 4 p.m.

The Fall Fun Fest will help build “The Bridgeway Boathouse Play Structure.” Please bring the family for games, food, a raffle, music, trick-or-treating, a costume parade, temporary tattoos, and a bounce house. The Bridgeway Lakes Boathouse is located at 3650 Southport Parkway in West Sacramento.


Contact info:

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City Commission Applications Now Being Accepted

Applications are now being accepted for service on various City commissions.  These commissions work directly with City staff in developing goals and advising the City Council on many issues.  These Mayor-appointed positions are a great way to get involved in your community.


      • Agriculture & Natural Resources Commission:
        Members of this commission provide recommendations in the areas of tree and habitat conservation, open space, and energy policies.
      • Arts, Culture & Historic Preservation Commission:
        This commission evaluates and identifies needs in the area of cultural enrichment, the designation and inventory of historic resources, and placement and use of art throughout the City.
      • Board of Appeals: These members review the workings and finances of the Fire Department hazardous materials program as well as provide interpretation pertaining to uniform codes and City ordinances.  Membership preference is granted to those with backgrounds in architecture, civil engineering, building trades, or fire protection.
      • Commission on Aging:  These individuals examine and evaluate programs and services targeted to the elderly and identify specific areas of need.
      • Disaster Council:  The Disaster Council meets at least once each year to review the emergency preparedness status of the City and reports their findings to the City Council
      • Economic Development Advisory Commission:
        Commission members review and comment on economic studies, marketing strategies, business retention and recruitment, and work with the Chamber of Commerce on programs of mutual interest.
      • Housing Advisory Commission:
        Members of this commission review and make recommendations regarding housing policies, affordable housing, and identify sources of housing funds.
      • Library Advisory Board:  The Board acts in an advisory capacity to the Board of Supervisors and the County Librarian and includes the review of library operations and services, budget policies, and programs and priorities for the Yolo County Library. The Board is comprised of a representative from each Yolo County district, as well as one member from the Board of Supervisors.
      • Parks & Community Services Commission:  These
        individuals act in an advisory capacity to the Council in matters affecting the well-being, enhancement, and enrichment of the citizens and in matters pertaining to use, maintenance, improvement and development of City parks.
      • Planning Commission:  This commission is a decision making body as designated by state law. Members are heavily involved in planning and zoning law, and land use policy.

Applications are due by November 28, 2014.  Applications and more detailed information about each commission are available on the City’s website or by contacting Kryss Rankin, City Clerk at 617-4500.

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Candidates Forum Repeated on Channel 20

The Oct. 6 Candidates Forum is being replayed on Channel 20 daily at 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., prior to the Nov. 4 election. The forum invited candidates for Mayor, the City Council and the Washington Unified School Board to participate. The forum was presented by the West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce. For more information, contact the Chamber of Commerce at (916) 371-7042.

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Mike McGowan Bridge Concrete Placement, Oct. 10

Construction of the new Mike McGowan Bridge, linking South River Road, continues Oct. 10 with the pouring of the bridge deck concrete. The operation occurs Friday, Oct. 10, between 2 a.m. and approximately 6 p.m. The activity involves the placement of an estimated 3,600 cubic yards of concrete. In the interest of public safety, the public will not be admitted into the construction area on both the north and south portions of the Mike McGowan Bridge.

To complete the concrete placement, a series of trucks will be in continuous operation during the 16 hour project. The concrete pour will be conducted in three phases:

  • During the first phase, concrete trucks will enter the southern abutment area of the bridge, exiting US 50 at Jefferson Boulevard, travelling south on Jefferson to South River Road, turning left and entering the levee access road to the project site. Trucks will then return to the freeway using the same route.
  • In phase two, concrete deliveries will be split equally between the south and north abutments of the bridge. South abutment trucks will use the same route described above. Trucks headed for the north abutment will also exit off Jefferson Boulevard, but will turn left at 15th Street, then turn right at South River Road to the project area. Afterwards, these trucks will exit by using the eastbound freeway on-ramp from South River Road.
  • During the final phase of the project, concrete drop-offs will be directed to the north abutment only. Trucks driving to the north abutment will exit the freeway using the Jefferson Boulevard / 5th Street off-ramp, turning right onto South River Road and continuing directly to the project. Empty trucks will again leave the project site by using the eastbound freeway on-ramp from South River Road.

To repeat, motorists are advised of heavy truck activity Oct. 10 on Jefferson Boulevard and South River Road. Using a traffic alternative would be helpful in avoiding the unusual volume of concrete trucks.

C. C. Myers, Inc., the bridge construction contractor, is managing the concrete pouring project. Completion of the Mike McGowan Bridge, linking the north and south ends of South River Road, is expected by late 2014.

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Waste Management Announces New District Manager of West Sacramento Site

Waste ManagementWaste Management is pleased to announce the addition of Mike Goudreau as the district manager of Waste Management of West Sacramento. This site provides waste and recycling services for the cities of West Sacramento, Winters, Woodland and Yolo County. In this role, Goudreau will manage the day-to-day operations.

“I’m excited to work with the tal­ented West Sacramento team,” said Mike Goudreau, district manager. “I look forward to fostering new relationships within the community.”

His 22 years in the business has made him an expert in managing successful sites, districts and providing excellent customer service. Goudreau has held many different positions while at Waste Management. He has worked in Wisconsin, Colorado, Puerto Rico, Houston, New York, Sacramento and now Yolo County. He started his career in the waste industry as a packer, then became a dispatcher, followed as a driver and quickly was promoted to site manager. In 1999, he moved to Sacramento and was named the district manager at the Sacramento Valley site. Prior to Waste Management, Goudreau played minor league baseball for three years with the White Sox organization.

Mike Goudreau, District Manager of Waste Management of West Sacramento

“I started at an entry level job and I have worked hard to become the district manager,” said Goudreau. “I appreciate Waste Management for recognizing their internal talent and promoting their hard working employees. My experiences and passion for the great work we do, helps me provide guidance to our incredibly talented team.”

“We are excited to have Mike manage these sites,” said Waste Management Market Area General Manager, Alex Oseguera. “His knowledge, experience in the environmental solutions industry and providing outstanding customer service align perfectly with Waste Management’s mission.”

To learn more about Waste Management visit

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