Rewind the Past 30 Years with West Sacramento

Did you know that the City of West Sacramento is 30 years old!? Take a look back and tour some of the milestones that helped shape the City from incorporation in 1987 to now in the story map below:

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Cannabis Frequently Asked Questions

The City of West Sacramento, like other cities in California has set local regulations regarding legal adult use and cannabis business operations.

Please consult the following FAQ document for details.

Green Cannabis FAQ


November 27, 2017



Medical use of cannabis has been legal in California since Proposition 215, the “Compassionate Use Act,” passed in 1996 (Cal. Health & Safety (H&S) § 11362.5). In 2015, the California Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (“MMRSA”) was adopted, which created a complex licensing system for commercial production and sales of medicinal marijuana. Those regulations were still under development when Proposition 64 was approved in November 2016. With the passage of Proposition 64, recreational cannabis (nonmedicinal) became legal for adults in California and required a licensing and regulatory structure for adult-use cannabis businesses. Since that time, the State passed SB 94, the “Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act” (“MAUCRSA”), to clarify and reconcile the two licensing and regulatory schemes for medicinal and adult-use cannabis. The City of West Sacramento has also updated its own Municipal Code to be compliant with State law. This FAQ is meant to serve as a broad overview of what is legal and not legal in the City of West Sacramento with respect to cannabis.

Q1: Is retail sales of cannabis and cannabis products allowed in the City?

A1: No. All forms of retail sales are currently prohibited, including dispensaries and non-storefront retail.

Q2: Can I cultivate cannabis at my residence?

A2: Yes, as long as you are at least 21 years of age or a qualified patient or primary caregiver. A maximum of six plants per parcel is allowed for personal use. Qualified patients may have up to 6 mature plant or 12 immature plants depending on the doctor’s recommendation. Outdoor cultivation is prohibited regardless of the number of plants for both medicinal and personal use. Additional requirements apply to any structure used for cultivation of cannabis. Contact the Community Development Department at 617-4645 for more information.

Q3: I rent my home. Can my landlord prevent me from cultivating cannabis? A3: Yes. Please consult your rental agreement or lease.

Q4: If I notice someone cultivating cannabis and I am concerned about it, what should I do?

A4: Contact Code Enforcement at 617-4925.

Q5: What types of commercial cannabis businesses does the City allow?

A5: The City amended its Municipal Code to conditionally permit cannabis distribution, indoor cultivation, and manufacturing in the Limited Industrial, Light Industrial, and Heavy Industrial zoning districts. A development agreement is also required. Testing labs are also conditionally permitted in the Business Park zoning district in addition to the zones listed above. All retail cannabis businesses are  prohibited. More information can be found in the City’s Municipal Code, Title 17 (Zoning)

Contact the Community Development Department at 617-4645 for more information.

Q6: Do I need a State license to operate a commercial cannabis business?

A6: Yes. The State will require evidence of the City’s approval prior to issuing a State license. More information can be found on the State Bureau of Cannabis Control’s website at  or 800-952-5210. The City will also require permitted commercial cannabis businesses to obtain State licensing in order to continue operating in the city.

Q7: Is smoking cannabis prohibited anywhere in the City?

A7: Yes. Smoking cannabis is prohibited in all public places and prohibited in the same locations smoking tobacco is prohibited. It is also prohibited within 1000 feet of a school, day care center, or youth care center when children are present, unless at a private residence where the smoking is not detectable on the grounds of the school, day care center, or youth center while children are present. In addition, smoking is prohibited in all enclosed and non-enclosed areas of any facility owned, leased, controlled, managed or operated by the City and accessible to the general public. Such facilities include but are not limited to City Hall, City offices, parks, recreation facilities, playgrounds, skate parks, picnic areas, sports areas, walking paths, gardens, hiking trails, bike paths, swimming pools, community centers, senior centers, meeting or conference facilities, and child care facilities, but not streets.

Q8: What about potential health concerns?

A8: Potential misuse of cannabis and cannabis products by adults and use by persons under 21 are of concern. More information can be found on the California Department of Public Health website regarding cannabis.

*This FAQ is meant to serve as a general guide to legal cannabis only. Persons should consult State law and the City’s Municipal Code for further information.

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Survey: Parks Master Plan Update

The City of West Sacramento is currently updating its Parks and Open Space Master Plan to  establish goals, policies, and standards for existing and proposed parks, open spaces and recreation trails for the next 10 years.

We appreciate your input as we revise this plan, please provide any suggestions below:

Once completed, the Parks and Open Space Master Plan will serve as a catalyst for developing financially viable and expanded parks, open space and recreation amenaties that represent the unique characteristics of the City. For more information, please visit the Parks Update 2028 website.

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Have Breakfast with Santa Dec 9th

Santa Claus is coming to town and he’s making a special stop for breakfast at the Community Center!

Enjoy yummy breakfast with Santa Claus, hot chocolate, coloring, ornament making, letters to Santa, and of course, photos with Santa! Create an unforgettable memory for the kids, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, friends and neighbors.

Kids under 2: $6
Kids 3-12: $10
Adults and kids over 13: $15

Please register prior to attending.

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Free 15 Gallon Shade Trees

The City, in partnership with Tree Davis, is offering free shade trees. If you live north of the barge canal in West Sacramento, you can receive free trees for your home, business, school, or park by attending an educational workshop. Afterwards staff will be delivering the large 15 gallon trees to participants!


Tuesday, December 5th at 5 p.m.


West Sacramento Community Center

1075 West Capitol Avenue

If you would like to attend, host a workshop for your neighborhood or learn more about the Trees for Tomorrow program, please contact Tree Davis at (530) 758-7337 or

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Gallery 1075 Hosts Work by James Jansen

If you haven’t been to an art gallery yet, stop by the Community Center to experience Whimsical Storytelling, an exhibit by James Jansen, with works inspired by Mexican and American heritage and history.

Whimsical Storytelling will be on view at Gallery 1075 inside the West Sacramento Community Center from December 5th to 22nd.   You’re invited to attend the artist reception Tuesday, December 5th from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.  Light refreshments will be provided.

About the Artist

Jansen’s current series emerged during his three years in West Sacramento, before moving into the Warehouse Artist Lofts, a nearby artist community.  He was a Chula Vista resident for about 20 years before moving north. Jansen’s love of the country became the fuel for his imagination and his work.

Jansen prizes his ability to remember and recall details of the world and apply them to canvas in a relaxed or whimsical way.  His imaginative depictions of Catrinas and skeletons are inspired by the Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead.)  Jansen also holds a penchant for history and works depicting the Old West, featuring legendary characters like Jesse James and Wild Bill Hickok.  These imaginative historical works bring life and color to otherwise aged stories.  Collectively, both the historical and cultural inspired works are all narratives, sharing stories and  inviting the viewer to read along.

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Unique Art Piece Unveiled on River Walk

What is described as a monumental piece of public art was celebrated last night during an installation reception on the River Walk.

Subtile is the creation of internationally recognized artist, Federico Diaz from the Czech Republic. The 40 foot tall sculpture features thousands of mirrored pieces that create an ever-changing visual experience.

Subtile sculpture by Federico Diaz installed along the River Walk in West Sacramento

After walking the River Walk over several days to determine the exact location, Diaz designed Subtile using digital mathematical modeling that captured the site’s natural surroundings. The resulting sculpture is extremely site specific: it creates enhanced reflections of the color and visual patterns of the clouds, captures the wind and movements of the river, and blends in with the trees.

Diaz presented a design scroll of the sculpture to Mayor Christopher Cabaldon during the celebration.

Scroll of Subtile Sculpure presented to Mayor Cabaldon by artist Federico Diaz

Acquisition and installation of the project would not have been possible without the significant contributions from a number of individuals and organizations, including but not limited to those pictured with the Mayor and Federico Diaz below: Paradigm Construction, City Project Manager Katy Jacobson, Fulcrum Property owner Mark Friedman, City Construction Manager Chris Surawski, and Shelly Willis of the Sacramento Metro Arts Commission.

Those reponsible for acquiring and installing Federico Diaz sculpture Subtile in West Sacramento

Subtile is located on the east side of the River Walk, between Raley Field and The Barn.

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WSFD Santa Run Begins Dec 11th

The West Sacramento Fire Department, in conjunction with the West Sacramento Firefighters’ Association, is leading the annual Santa Run through West Sacramento. With the help of many off-duty firefighter “elves,” Santa will be riding through various neighborhoods on an elaborately decorated fire truck “sleigh” and handing out candy canes purchased and donated by the West Sacramento Firefighters’ Association.  Additionally, Santa will have a pickup truck following his “sleigh” with helpers collecting any canned food donations for the needy.

This year the Santa Run is scheduled for six nights beginning at 6:00 PM each night. If it rains on a scheduled night we will try to make it up the next week.

The West Sacramento Firefighters’ Association would like to extend its most sincere thanks and appreciation to all those who come out to make canned food donations, as well as to the Fire Chief and City Manager, for permitting the usage and decoration of the ladder truck for this annual tradition.

Please do not call 9-1-1; they have no information about this event.

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City Steps Up Leaf Sweeping Services

The City of West Sacramento’s Public Works department has stepped up its sweeping runs to keep all gutters and storm drains clear during this heavy leaf drop season.  Extra leaves are only accepted at no additional charge November 1st, through January 31st.

Residents can help:

  • Place leaves in your yard waste cart. Extra leaves may be placed in 30 gallon cans or bags weighing no more than 40lbs. Place the extra next to your full yard waste cart for pick-up on your regular service day.
  • Request an extra yard waste cart (up to four carts total)
  • Don’t leave piles of leaves in front of your house on the street…they won’t be picked up.

Below is the 2017 street sweeping schedule:


2017 Fall Street Sweeping Schedule


For more information, or to report a clogged storm drain, call the West Sacramento Public Works Department at (916) 617-4850 or report the issue using West Sacramento Connect.

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Applications Open for City Startup Challenge

Applications are now being accepted to help the City of West Sacramento solve civic challenges through the 2018 Startup In Residence Program. (STIR)

Last year’s STIR campaign resulted in the creation of a new app to help the City address homelessness.

Startup In Residence 2018 is an opportunity for small tech firms to team up with the City in three specific areas:

Civic Engagement

Problem Statement: Develop a community engagement application for the City of West Sacramento, that would allow low-stakes, gamified interactions with constituents.

Context: The City of West Sacramento is striving to understand the aspirations and priorities of its residents in order to deliver policies and programs that the community loves – and we want to accomplish that goal while minimizing the need for residents to take time out of their busy lives to attend City meetings.   As articulated in Mayor Cabaldon’s 2013 Ted X presentation,  the City is trying to move past the public meeting, and to explore lower-stakes approaches to gathering valuable community input.

Technology Need: The City is seeking to develop a tool that will allow low-stakes, gamified interactions with constituents that will yield insights into their priorities and values. Like “Tinder for cities,” this application would present users with a series of pictures and invite them to swipe left or right to register their opinion. Similar programs already exist; however, the City is seeking a product that does more than facilitate expressed preferences about photos.   We are looking for a program that tracks multiple characteristics within each photo to help the City understand not just which photos are more popular, but what underlying factors within the photos might be driving that outcome. By eliciting revealed (rather than expressed) preferences from its constituents, the City can enact policies that meet resident expectations while minimizing the need for residents to attend public meetings.

Apply here. Deadline is December 10,2017

Special Event Permitting

Problem Statement: Design a user-friendly special event permitting application that will improve the City’s review of the permit applications for staff and applicants.

Context: The West Sacramento Parks and Recreation Department maintains all public parks and trails within the City, schedules and staffs private and special events in City parks and buildings, operates a full service recreation center, and community center, and offers a variety of recreation activities to all ages. Additionally they operate two preschools, and a quality in early care and education program serving all preschools within City limits. The Parks Department administers the City’s Special Event Permit process, which applies to public or private events that meet certain thresholds. The software currently in use to track special event permit applications is not user friendly, and does not facilitate timely review of applications or the tracking of relevant information for the City.

Technology Need: Parks and Recreation seeks a software product that will improve the City’s review of Special Event Permit applications by reducing the potential for human error, better tracking revenue, ensuring needed information is collected, and avoiding duplicative requests of staff. The software should be capable of showing all available venues for rental by the public or staff, and should include a simple, user-friendly, application with user inputs driving distinct back-end approval processes for different types of event. Revenue should be tracked in order to identify income and expense for rental facilities and staff should be able to easily and quickly pull up a Special Events permit request, or generate an invoice.

Apply here. Deadline is December 10,2017


Problem Statement: Redesign how the City engages volunteers by creating an engagement tool that would facilitate matching city-focused opportunities with local volunteers.

Context: Promoting volunteerism in the community is one of the City’s key strategies for continuing to meet constituents’ needs within increasingly constrained budgets. There is a substantial interest among community members in volunteering; however, the organization, management, and execution of these volunteering engagements is time-consuming for the City, and pulls staff away from other community priorities. West Sacramento has over 34,000 residents between ages 15 and 64. If just 5% of this cohort would volunteer four hours per year, the City could generate almost 7,000 person-hours of community effort, or the equivalent of three full-time employees.

Technology Need: The City is seeking a software tool that would facilitate matching volunteers with volunteering engagements through a variety of relevant variables, including day/time, duration, type of work, physical demands, and more.   Similar products already exist that are oriented towards non-profits; however, the City is looking for a program that is locally-oriented; city-focused (though non-profits could also participate); and includes expanded features such as ratings by volunteers of volunteer opportunities (and vice-versa); a simple, attractive and intuitive user interface to facilitate participation from those with limited technological experience; multiple language support; and gamified recognition for volunteers and the local entities that put them to the most effective use.

Apply here. Deadline is December 10,2017

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