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West Capitol Streetscape Improvements

West Capitol Streetscape Improvements

During the design Phase of the West Capitol Streetscape, City engineers and Park personnel had a common vision; to design a landscape and hard cape which would demand less water and require less maintenance.  Part of the design incorporated tree wells which also collect and disperse clean storm water runoff from a busy West Capitol Avenue to the  storm water collection plumbing under the street.  Within the tree wells near Walgreens on West Capitol, Beautiful Red Maple trees and a variety of bunch grasses are planted on top of layers of soil, sand, pea gravel and perforated pvc pipe which collect excess storm water from the street.  The layers of soil, sand and gravel cleans the water of pollutants before it goes into the river. 

This design is one of a kind for the Sacramento region, however, is part of a plan region wide to incorporate unique features such as this Storm water collection system into new street construction renovation.  Dena Kirtley, West Sacramento Urban Forest Manager,  was invited to be part of a Municipal Forestry Roundtable discussion on the topic of Bioswales such as those installed on West Capitol Avenue.  The article includes many uses of the same concept throughout the United States.  

City Trees is a national magazine published by the Society of Municipal Arborists.  They now have an E-version of the magazine which just became available.

Click here to read the feature article (pages 32/33).

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