West Sacramento Corrected Crime Statistics

Police BadgeIn today’s Sacramento Bee newspaper an article was published entitled “Area Sees Rise in Crime.”  The article indicated the City of West Sacramento had a 32% increase in violent crimes and a 30% increase in property crimes over the past calendar year.  The information reported was based upon the numbers the Police Department provided the Sacramento Bee.  In reviewing the data we discovered that the initial information we gave to the Bee was incorrect.

The revised numbers show that the actual increases are 10% in violent crime, 7% in property crime and an overall increase of 8%. Please click here for a detailed Press Release.

The Police Department apologizes for our error and we appreciate your attention in this
matter.  We want to reassure the community of West Sacramento that we are one of the safest communities in the region.

Please forward any questions you may have about the below information to Lt. Tod Sockman 916-267-0715.

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