Ride a Long with K9 “Zar”

Police BadgeRide along with West Sacramento Police Department K9 Officer ‘Zar’ and his long-time partner, Officer Roger Kinney, as they embark on their last few days with the K9 Unit. Available dates and times are January 8, 9, or 10 from 4 PM to Midnight each day.

Zar is retiring because Kinney was promoted to the rank of Sergeant effective January 11, 2014. The partners Kinney and Zar have been extraordinarily successful in fighting crime and Zar may be West Sacramento’s best-known goodwill ambassador. This K9 is a local celebrity. He has legions of fans of all ages city-wide. At the conclusion of his last day as a police dog, Zar will retire his shield and go home with Kinney to be a full-time ‘family dog.’

Due to patrol car space, no more than one reporter/photographer/videographer can accompany Zar and Kinney at a time. If interested please contact Lieutenant Tod Sockman at todds@cityofwestsacramento.org or call 916-267-0715.

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