Fix50 Update

Fix 50The Fix50 project is ahead of schedule, and motorists will get a nice break for Memorial Day Weekend when all lanes will be open. All lanes of Highway 50 will be open to motorists for a full ten days. Work will resume after Memorial Day Weekend so there will be no interruption for travelers over the holiday when the Sacramento Music Festival and County Fair are scheduled.

“Caltrans would like to thank our partners for their added outreach, staff, and services that helped to increase public awareness and alleviate traffic issues,” added Director Jones. “We also thank drivers who changed their regular workday commute, or chose alternate modes of transportation. Those motorists who chose to bike commute, use light rail, bus, train, walk, carpool, and avoided unnecessary trips helped lessen the overall traffic impacts in the region.”

Additionally, Caltrans advises the public to continue advanced travel planning for the closures scheduled on the westbound side and to expect additional delays.

On Thursday evening, May 15, crews began the process to reopen all eastbound lanes. The change-over began at approximately 9 PM, and involved removing K-rail barriers, changing the sign structures, and sealing and restriping the newly completed lanes into their original configuration. The full transition was finished on the morning May 16, concluding all traffic-interfering work on eastbound Highway 50 in the W-X Viaduct. There will be some finishing work to do once both phases are complete, but nothing that will require major traffic interference.

Fix 50 Real Time CamerasHornet Drive, which has been closed to Folsom Boulevard traffic for use as a detour, also reopened Friday morning and will remain open until Westbound Phase 2 begins. Traffic heading to the Sacramento Republic FC game at Hughes Stadium on Saturday, May 17, will be able to use the connector ramp from eastbound Highway 50 to southbound 99 to get to the game.

UPCOMING WORK: Westbound work will run from May 27th through June 25th and will occur in two phases. Phase 1 will begin at Midnight Tuesday, May 27 and is scheduled to run until June 10. No ramps will be affected during the first westbound phase.  Phase 2 is scheduled for June 11-25. Ramp closures include the connector ramp from westbound Business 80 (Capitol City Freeway) to westbound Highway 50, and the 16th Street off-ramp. Major congestion is expected throughout the region during westbound work, including on other area highways and surface streets.

“The westbound phase has potential for much greater congestion just because of the number of people who commute from eastern Sacramento County into downtown,” said Director Jones. “Also, the alternate routes drivers used for the eastbound phase may not be the best routes for westbound.”

SLOW FOR THE CONE ZONE: We remind drivers to slow their speed in the work zone. Workers are working within inches of live traffic. Traffic is unpredictable and sudden slowing or stopping can occur. Wooden screens are in place to discourage gawkers. Please do not try to peer into the work zone as this can cause collisions if drivers are not paying attention to their driving.

ALTERNATE TRANSPORTATION: Caltrans thanks motorists who chose to bike commute, use light rail, bus, walk, carpool, and avoided unnecessary trips! Your efforts have significantly helped to lessen the overall traffic impacts in the region during eastbound work.

When westbound work begins on May 27th, we strongly encourage drivers to avoid driving in the area during rush hour. Use alternate transportation. The best way to bypass congestion is to take Light Rail, Capitol Corridor, or avoid any unnecessary trips. For shorter trips, residents are encouraged to leave their car at home and walk or ride a bike. Other options that can help reduce congestion and wait times include:

PROJECT SCHEDULE: Caltrans is scheduled to rehabilitate a section of U.S. Highway 50, known as the W/X Viaduct.

Westbound Hwy 50: May 27 – June 25, 2014

For additional information, visit the Caltrans’ Fix 50 project at and the City of West Sacramento’s special website,

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