Neighborhood Court Meeting this Wednesday, July 16th

The Yolo County District Attorney’s Office is seeking Community Volunteers to act as Facilitators or Panelists for a new neighborhood court program.

Neighborhood Court is a restorative justice program initiated by the Yolo County District Attorney’s office in cooperation with the City of West Sacramento and the West Sacramento Police Department. Neighborhood Court seeks to address nonviolent and low level crimes through community-based solutions to swiftly redress the harm caused by these offenses. Neighborhood Court utilizes restorative justice concepts which identify crime as acts that cause harm to people and communities, and emphasizes the offender repairing the harms they have caused to both. This program is an alternative to the traditional criminal justice system.  It addresses criminal violations that impact the quality of life in our neighborhoods. Each Neighborhood Court conference includes the person who committed an offense, a facilitator, 2-3 panelists and a victim (when participating).

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For More Information: Attend one monthly informational session, beginning July 16th, 6-8pm, at the West Sacramento Civic Center.


Panelist Application: Neighborhood Court Volunteer Application.pdf
Facilitator Application: Neighborhood Court Volunteer Faciliator Application.pdf

For additional questions about Neighborhood Court, please call the Neighborhood Court Clerk at (530) 666 – 8378, DDA Chris Bulkeley at (530) 666 – 8202, or email

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