Mike McGowan Bridge Concrete Placement, Oct. 10

Construction of the new Mike McGowan Bridge, linking South River Road, continues Oct. 10 with the pouring of the bridge deck concrete. The operation occurs Friday, Oct. 10, between 2 a.m. and approximately 6 p.m. The activity involves the placement of an estimated 3,600 cubic yards of concrete. In the interest of public safety, the public will not be admitted into the construction area on both the north and south portions of the Mike McGowan Bridge.

To complete the concrete placement, a series of trucks will be in continuous operation during the 16 hour project. The concrete pour will be conducted in three phases:

  • During the first phase, concrete trucks will enter the southern abutment area of the bridge, exiting US 50 at Jefferson Boulevard, travelling south on Jefferson to South River Road, turning left and entering the levee access road to the project site. Trucks will then return to the freeway using the same route.
  • In phase two, concrete deliveries will be split equally between the south and north abutments of the bridge. South abutment trucks will use the same route described above. Trucks headed for the north abutment will also exit off Jefferson Boulevard, but will turn left at 15th Street, then turn right at South River Road to the project area. Afterwards, these trucks will exit by using the eastbound freeway on-ramp from South River Road.
  • During the final phase of the project, concrete drop-offs will be directed to the north abutment only. Trucks driving to the north abutment will exit the freeway using the Jefferson Boulevard / 5th Street off-ramp, turning right onto South River Road and continuing directly to the project. Empty trucks will again leave the project site by using the eastbound freeway on-ramp from South River Road.

To repeat, motorists are advised of heavy truck activity Oct. 10 on Jefferson Boulevard and South River Road. Using a traffic alternative would be helpful in avoiding the unusual volume of concrete trucks.

C. C. Myers, Inc., the bridge construction contractor, is managing the concrete pouring project. Completion of the Mike McGowan Bridge, linking the north and south ends of South River Road, is expected by late 2014.

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