Mike McGowan Bridge Scheduled to Open, Dec. 5, 4 p.m. – New “Locks Drive”: Signs to Replace South River Road Connector Signs, Beginning Dec. 2nd

The Mike McGowan Bridge is scheduled to open Friday, Dec. 5, at approximately 4 p.m. The Mike McGowan Bridge connects the north and south portions of South River Road across the old barge canal. Named in honor of an original member of the City Council and the City’s first mayor, the Mike McGowan Bridge will be 615 feet long and approximately 80 feet wide. The bridge includes 6-foot bike lanes, a raised median, and two 6-foot walkways separated from traffic by a concrete barrier. The bridge also features a half circle-shaped pedestrian “overlook” on both sides of the bridge at mid-span.  Providing a new north-south route on the east side of West Sacramento, the Mike McGowan Bridge is expected to help alleviate congestion on Jefferson Boulevard.

As part of the Mike McGowan Bridge project, the segment of South River Road that connects to Jefferson Boulevard is going through a name change, beginning Dec. 2. New signs for “Locks Drive” will be going into position, replacing South River Road street signs from the south end of the Mike McGowan Bridge west to Jefferson Boulevard.

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