City Prepares for Local Storms

CWS-Web-150x150The City of West Sacramento is taking steps in advance of the heavy storm expected to strike the area, beginning Dec. 10. Incidents of flooding caused by fallen leaves and clogged drains are anticipated. The City will respond to emergencies as quickly as possible. The Fire, Police and Public Works departments request the public’s assistance, as follows:


  • Before the storm arrives, keep drain inlets clear by placing leaves and debris in the green waste containers.  If full, use plastic bags to bag excess leaves. Do not sweep leaves into the street.
  • The City has dedicated two street sweepers to picking up fallen leaves.
  • Public Works has crews ready to assist for overnight duty.
  • Sandbags are available at the City of West Sacramento Corporation Yard, 1951 South River Rd., weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Residents are allowed up to 10 bags per address. Sand is available at the Corporation Yard, but residents need to fill their own bags.
  • A limited number of sandbags are available after 4 p.m. on a first come, first served basis.
  • Residents are recommended to use plastic or visqueen sheeting as a water barrier with sandbags used to hold the sheeting in place.
  • Sandbags and sand will also be in supply at Fire Station 42, 3585 Jefferson Blvd.

For additional questions about sandbags, local flooding and clogged storm drains, call Public Works, (916) 617-4850.

The City thanks the public for its cooperation.  As the City checks storm emergencies, residents are urged to stay safe and drive safely. Be prepared for street signs advising caution. The City will continue responding to storm issues as quickly as possible.

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