Innovative Partnerships Key to State of the City

Innovation is playing a huge part in the continued momentum for the City of West Sacramento according to Mayor Christopher Calbaldon. Speaking before a capacity audience of 270 in the City Hall Gallaria during his annual State of the City address, the Mayor hilighted a number of innovative projects that are paving the way. He pointed to partnerships involving the Disney Company and KaBOOM!, the Broderick community, Code for America, the Downtown/Riverfront Streetcar plan and urban farms as examples of the magical transformation underway throughout the city.

Disney and KaBOOM! are helping build a new playground at Bryte Park, May 31. Last month Mayor Cabaldon attended the playground design day where kids passionately described what the playground needed. Among the features, he said, is that “kids are getting their zip-line,” an added attraction to the master plan. The Mayor described “Bryte Park as the newest part of the Magic Kingdom.”

Mayor Cabaldon discussed the “new heart” of the Broderick neighborhood, an area characterized by Washington Square and adjacent restaurants and housing. At the center of the neighborhood is the future development of the Washington Firehouse, an example of streamline modern architecture saved from destruction by the City twenty years ago.

The Mayor feels residents are complimenting the City. “You get stuff done,” he said, “that people enjoy. In West Sacramento, engagement and action go hand in hand.” Mayor Cabaldon credits the Code for America Fellowship program as helping the City use “civic technology” to solve civic problems. “West Sacramento is the smallest city ever,” said Mayor Cabaldon, to initiate a Code for America partnership, which in this example includes the Sacramento Area Council of Governments. “It’s a huge win for us,” he said.

West Sacramento is also looking forward to the proposed partnership with the City of Sacramento on development of a riverfront/downtown streetcar. “The move is to rail transit,” said the Mayor. “Think of 15,000 more people in the coming decade. How do we move around to new jobs, the King’s Arena and The Barn?” Rail transit and a strong urban core will also be desirable to the best companies and employers.

Mayor Cabaldon is also enthusiastic about the development of urban farms in the city. “It’s a major initiative of ours,” he said. Among the benefits, the farms develop healthy food, creative land uses, and provide inspiration to career-minded individuals. “West Sacramento is establishing the most urban farms per capita in the region.” The City is working closely with the Center for Land-Based Learning in developing new urban farms.

“The region is betting big on West Sacramento,” said Mayor Cabaldon. “Why? Our community works together.”

West Sacrramento Civic Leadership award winners


As part of the State of the City program, the Civic Leadership Awards were presented to Brown Construction, Inc. (“Prosperity”), Matt Hargrove / WSCX (“Service”), West Sac Veggie Trike (“Pride”) and Wicked West Pizza & BBQ (“Community”).


The West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce produced the State of the City event.




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