Stage 3 Water Conservation Plan, City Takes Action

Stage 3 water conservation restrictions begin today in West Sacramento to help the City cut water use by 28% as mandated by the State Water Board. “The drought cannot be taken lightly,” said City Manager Martin Tuttle, who issued the Stage 3 declaration. “We encourage businesses and residents to join the City in taking steps to save water, and together, we can reach the 28% goal.”

West Sacramento drought sign

“Why it’s Dry” signs have been posted in parks and median strips throughout the City

The new restrictions limit watering lawns and ornamental landscaping to one day per week. Street addresses that end in an odd number can water only on Saturdays, and addresses ending in even numbers can only water on Sundays. Food producing gardens and farms are exempt from this rule, but all are encouraged to use water wisely.

Stage 3 restrictions also prohibit filling new pools or refilling drained pools and ponds with potable water. However, maintaining water levels in existing pools and ponds is permissible.

In addition, potable water can no longer be used in decorative fountains.

The City has already cut back watering in traffic medians and parks. Water-saving mulch and bark is being dispersed around tree trunks, and plants are being replaced with drought tolerant varieties. Parks crews are also transitioning from spray watering to drip irrigation, and are now hand watering trees.

Sports fields and school yards will be maintained for optimum playability, but non-essential landscaping in these public locations will not be watered.

water tips being handed out at West Sacramento farmers market

City staff explaining Stage 3 water restrictions to residents at the West Sacramento Farmers Market


The City is redirecting staff resources to promote water conservation throughout West Sacramento and is asking all city employees to report water use violations.


The City also encourages citizens to report water waste by calling the Water Hotline at 916-617-4545.

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