How to Keep Your Trees Alive During Drought

City watering restrictions have many residents of West Sacramento worried about the West Sac Tree Programhealth of their trees. Once a week lawn watering rules don’t mean your trees have to suffer! A new brochure, by the West Sacramento Tree Program provides watering tips on how to keep trees alive during the drought.

Drought-Wise Tree Care

  • Young trees require 5-10 gallons of water weekly, depending on weather conditions.
  • Mature trees require deep watering under the tree’s entire canopy every 2-3 weeks.
  • Convert irrigation systems to drip, low-flow heads, or micro spray. Fix any leaks!
  • Irrigate your trees separately from lawn and landscaping.
  • Capture shower or bathtub warm-up water–use it to water your trees and landscape plants.
  • Use mulch to help prevent water evaporation but keep it 4-6 inches away from your tree’s trunk.

For questions, please call the West Sacramento Tree Program at (916) 617-4620.



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