West Sacramento Drought Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common FAQs regarding water restrictions in the City of West Sacramento:

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  • What are the current stage 3 restrictions?  Water customers must adhere to an odd/even watering schedule. Street addresses that end in an odd number may use all forms of irrigation only on Saturdays and may use drip irrigation and hand watering of trees, shrubs and containerized plants on Tuesdays. Customers with street addresses that end in an even number may use all forms of irrigation only on Sundays and use drip or hand watering of trees, shrubs and containerized plants on Wednesdays. No spray irrigation is permitted Monday through Friday, except in food producing gardens and farms. Using potable water in ornamental fountains or ponds is prohibited unless equipped with a recirculating system. Do not allow yard watering to runoff into gutters and streets. Do not use a hose to wash a vehicle unless it is fitted with a shut-off nozzle. Do not water between the hours of noon and 6 p.m.
  • Does the city offer a “Cash for Grass” program? Yes! Turf and toilet rebates are now available for West Sacramento residents!  If you’ve been waiting to tear out your lawn or replace your toilets with water-efficient models, the time is now. California’s Dept. of Water Resources is offering the rebate programs with funding available on a first-come, first-served basis. Click here for a rebate application.
  • Can my home or business receive an exemption and water more than one day per week or water on a weekday instead of the weekend? Other than for watering food producing trees and plants, there aren’t any exceptions to the one day per week watering schedule.
  • How can I report water waste? Call the City’s Water Waste line at (916) 617-4545 or use the new West Sacramento Connect app.
  • Why do the City Parks and Schools water during the week? City parks and schools are watering on alternative schedules due to the amount of acreage and heavy use of athletic fields and parks on weekends. The parks and streetscapes will be watered on weekdays when staff is present to respond to issues and to relieve pressure from the municipal water supply on weekends.
  • Are there penalties for water waste? There are penalties for violations of the City’s water conservation Municipal Code Section 13.04.770 to 13.04.790 and for violations of the City’s Stage 3 Water Shortage Contingency Plan.

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  • When will the all of the residents have water meters? The water meter installation program is in full swing with anticipation of having meters installed at every water service by 2018 or sooner.  The City is systematically installing meters in every neighborhood.  The attached map shows the installation schedule by year.  The City is also working to upgrade residential services that already have an existing meter with a radio read transceiver that allows the city to gather water use data in real time and provide this information to customers. This information is very useful in the current drought conditions to help determine if there are leaks in the system and provide the customer with actual water usage.
  •  I have a meter, but still pay flat rate. When will I start paying a metered rate for the water I use? Customers who have an existing meter may call the City’s Utility Billing Division at (916) 617-4589 to inquire about switching to metered rate.  The City has also begun actively implementing the requirements in the Water Service Charges Book of Fees that requires all parcels and accounts that change ownership, and all new accounts, to convert from flat rate to metered water rates where a meter exists for the parcel or account. In addition, beginning in July, City utility bills will include usage data for the respective billing month for 2013, 2014 and 2015.  This information may help rate payers better understand their water use patterns and if necessary, inspire changes in water consumption.  Homes without meters will indicate that data is unavailable.
  • Is greywater allowed in the City of West Sacramento? Yes, greywater systems are allowed in West Sacramento.  Depending on the scope of the project, you may need to apply for a building permit.  It is also important to note that there are very specific ways that greywater may be used in landscape irrigation.  Please see this greywater power point  presentation for more information.

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