Southport Levee Improvement Project Begins

MAP vILLAGE PARKWAY SOUTHFor more than five years, West Sac Flood Protect has been planning and designing for the launch of the Southport Levee Improvement Project. The project improves a vulnerable stretch of levee along the Sacramento River in Southport.

The first phase of the Southport Levee Project is construction of Village Parkway South, which begins this October. Village Parkway South will replace segments of South River Road; construction is anticipated to last nine months. The City of West Sacramento’s General Plan already identifies the construction of Village Parkway but due to the levee improvements, construction is starting 10 years earlier than previously anticipated. Construction of the six-mile levee improvement will start next summer.

Also under construction this fall is a roadway project called Village Parkway North. Although not associated with the Southport Levee Project, the construction schedules overlap. When both roadway projects are complete next year, the new continuous Village Parkway will connect the Mike McGowan Bridge to Gregory Avenue.

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