West Sacramento Police Meet With Russian Language News Editor

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On Wednesday, October 14th Ruslan Gurzhiy, the Editor-in-Chief for SlavicSac.com visited the West Sacramento Police Department and went on a ride-along with officers.

SlavicSac.com is a regional news portal which publishes news in Russian for their 60,000 subscribers; many of which are West Sacramento residents.

Sergeant Yevgeniy Semeryuk and newly hired officers, Alexei Venikov and Andrey Kinda were interviewed by Mr. Gurzhiy.

These three bilingual officers were born in different areas of the former Soviet Union and traveled to the United States as children.

Their interview offered an opportunity to discuss the many challenges police face while interacting with the many diverse neighborhoods that make up West Sacramento.

Better connections and trust between the West Sacramento Police Department and the Russian Community continues to be developed through communication and an understanding of West Sacramento’s unique cultures.

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