Ca Flood Prep Week At Southport Elementary School

City of West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon helped launch California Flood Preparedness week by explaining to students at Southport Elementary School the importance of being ready.

“We may be in a drought, but that doesn’t mean West Sacramento shouldn’t plan for flooding, said the Mayor. “It’s wonderful to live in West Sacramento, we have a great town, we have so many great things to do, rich diversity of people, great location. But the one thing we have to agree to do when you live here is to be prepared for the flood event, because we do live behind levees and we always will.”

The city is surrounded by water, with potentially heavy El Niño rains coming which could swell the Sacramento River and tributaries.

The Mayor urged students to Plan, Pack and Protect.

  1. Plan for a flood emergency. This includes evacuation routes, lists of important phone numbers and other details about how your family is prepared for a flood.
  2. Pack items that your family should have in your emergency preparedness kit.
  3. Protect your home and everything in it with flood insurance.

This program is part of West Sac Flood Protect’s emergency preparedness plan.

West Sac Protect also has a new Flood Challenge computer game that educates children in grades 1 through 4 about the importance of flood preparedness. Southport Elementary students were the first to try it out, learning tips from Petra the Planner, Pedro the Packer, and Polly the Protector.


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