Settling Differences Through Affordable Community Mediation


The Yolo Conflict Resolution Center (YCRC), a non-profit organization already operating in Davis, Winters and Woodland, has begun offering its community mediation services to West Sacramento residents. Community mediation is an impartial method to help participants communicate their concerns to each other, clarify options for resolution, and develop mutually acceptable solutions. The service can be helpful in such cases as roommate disagreements, claims about rent, security deposits and cleaning fees. Maybe it’s a neighborhood conflict regarding noise, landscaping and parking. Even family disagreements. Community mediation is voluntary, confidential, neutral and less expensive and time-consuming than litigation and arbitration. The YCRC is available for a fee of $50 per participant or on a sliding scale based on income. The public can contact YCRC directly at (916) 692-9316 or visit the website, for more information.

Mediation Certificate Training

Would you like to become a volunteer mediator for YCRC? A Conflict Resolution and Mediation Certificate Training is the first step in becoming a YCRC volunteer mediator. Training is also beneficial for individuals looking to learn skills for effective communication and dealing with conflicts. A 40-hour training program consists of lectures, discussions, communication skills exercises, and mediation process role-playing.

For additional information and training application, please check out YCRC’s website, . Applications are due Dec. 1, 2015. Scholarships are also available.

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