West Sacramento Water Savings Continue

Water use cutbacks in West Sacramento continue to look impressive. The city is in a goodwater conservation position to meet California’s 28 percent water reduction target, the official comparison between water use for June 2015-February 2016 and the same calendar months in 2013. West Sacramento’s current combined savings average is 35 percent from June through November. Water use typically lessens during the winter, but we need to keep our attention on water conservation in order to hit the state-mandated target. Keep up the great work!

Water conservation requirements:

  • Outdoor watering of lawns and landscapes is limited to one day per week. Addresses ending in an odd number can water on Saturdays only; and addresses ending in even numbers can water on Sundays only. No watering is permitted between noon and 6 p.m.
  • Watering is not permitted during or within 48 hours of rainfall.
  • Drinking water cannot be used to wash sidewalks, buildings, parking lots, or driveways. Water fountains and decorative water features require a recirculating pump.
  • Watering fruit trees and vegetable gardens is allowed any day, but not between the hours of noon and 6 p.m.
  • Water customers are allowed one additional day per week for hand watering trees and using drip irrigation. For houses ending in an odd number, your day is Tuesday. For houses ending in an even number, your day is Wednesday.
  • Use of potable water to fill or refill swimming pools is permitted, though not encouraged during this severe drought.
  • Save your trees. Use wood chips at the base of trees and planting beds.

The City is offering a water rebate program for turf and toilet replacements. Go to the Water Conservation link on the City’s website,to sign up. The City is also offering an Irrigation Efficiency Rebate Program, which reimburses residents up to $500 for upgrading their old irrigation system to a new water-wise irrigation system. The rebate applies to the purchase and installation of products such as drip irrigation, water-efficient sprinkler nozzles, and smart irrigation controllers. Sign up here.

The City has a hotline phone number if neighbors have complaints about water waste, (916) 617-4545. You can also report water waste via the West Sacramento Connect app.

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