West Sacramento Partners with Sacramento For Parking Enforcement

Starting January 1, 2016, City of Sacramento Parking Services will begin assisting the West Sacramento Police Department with parking enforcement operations along the riverfront.West Sacramento parking enforcement vehicle

In an agreement reached between both cities, Sacramento parking enforcement officers will patrol parking zones in the Washington and Bridge Districts and elsewhere along the West Sacramento side of the river.

The partnership is part of a long-range plan to address West Sacramento’s future growth and manage increased parking demand West Sacramento will experience when the new Golden 1 Center is completed next year.

“This is another unique partnership with the City of Sacramento,” said West Sacramento City Manager Martin Tuttle. “This effort will upgrade our city’s parking strategy short term as we look to having our own parking enforcement program in the future.”

The City of West Sacramento will have ultimate authority over the enforcement operations and citation processing. The cities will evenly split the fees generated from parking violations.


Why is Sacramento helping enforce parking in West Sacramento?

  • The City of West Sacramento has only three part-time parking officers and it would be cost prohibitive for West Sacramento to establish a more robust parking program at this time. Sacramento already has the infrastructure and technology in place to provide the level of services West Sacramento needs. The addition of City of Sacramento officers will supplement, not replace, the current West Sacramento Parking Enforcement Officers.

Where do I pay citation fees or dispute a ticket?

  • Fees may be paid in person at the West Sacramento City Hall or the West Sacramento Police Department. Payments may also be made online or over the phone. Specific information regarding where and how to pay fees is outlined on the parking citations. Disputes are handled by the West Sacramento Police Department and the Yolo County court system.

What benefits will this partnership bring to West Sacramento?

  • Sacramento Parking Services units are equipped with license plate readers and GPS technology that can aid in the discovery of stolen vehicles.
  • The active enforcement by Sacramento will provide faster response to parking complaints.
  • Fees generated from this program can be used to implement West Sacramento’s own parking program in the future.
  • The impact from the opening of the new King’s stadium is anticipated to create an overflow of parking from downtown Sacramento. This would diminish the available parking for West Sacramento residents.


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