Chamber of Commerce Break for Lunch-Yolo County Restorative Justice Program

When:Thursday, March 03, 2016

Time: 11:45 A.M.-1:15 P.M.

location:Club Pheasant, 2525 Jefferson Blvd.West Sacramento

What are some issues affecting your business in West Sacramento? If your answer was crime and the homeless situation, then we’ve got a great topic to discuss and an action plan that may help alleviate the problem.
The Yolo County DA’s office has two programs they’d like to introduce to us. The Neighborhood Court (NHC) and The Homeless Restorative Justice Programs (HRJP). These programs focus on restorative justice for low-level offenses (shoplifting, drinking in public, etc.); the HRJP specifically focuses on reaching restorative solutions for Homeless Offenders be providing additional support to connect them to services.
Chris Bulkeley with the Yolo County DA’s Office and Social Worker Practitioner, Deanna Lynn-Steele, will talk about the programs and volunteer opportunities. The intent is to introduce these programs and hopefully encourage the West Sacramento business community to become volunteer panelists. Those interested would need to apply to be a volunteer. Once selected, they would attend a training scheduled for Saturday, March 12 from 8:45-5 pm and a mock conference scheduled for Tuesday, March 15, from 6-8 pm. After that, the volunteer time commitment is only 3-6 hours per month.

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