April Drought Spotlight Honorees

Lynn and Steve decided in 2015 to transform their front and back yards on Tobago St. to beautiful water wise landscaping. Lynn is an avid plant and gardening fan and is a Master Gardener. Steve enjoys gardening and loves to grow vegetables.

Back in 2012, the couple partially converted their backyard. They removed one-third of the lawn to make room for more garden beds and kept a little lawn as a place for the grand kids to play. But in 2015 they had enough with maintaining a lawn (don’t worry, there is a nice park across the street for the grandkids). Lynn and Steve made a bold decision to remove all turf from their front and back yards. They used a couple different landscaping companies, but selected and planted most of the smaller plants and shrubs themselves. 

With a brand new water wise landscape, they have found that a variety of beautiful plants throughout the year (and extra room for growing vegetables) is so much better than a traditional lawn. Their water savings have been substantial too! 

Thank you Lynn and Steve, you are our Drought Spotlight Honorees for the month of April!

If you would like to nominate your yard, or someone else’s, please email ryanb@cityofwestsacramento.org (or call at 916-617-5025). You can use Next Door to make a nomination, as well as stay informed about neighborhood events. Visit nextdoor.com to get started.


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