Congratulations Karen in Arlington Oaks, our Drought Spotlight Honoree for May!

Karen in West Sacramento’s Arlington Oaks

As a professional for a local water agency, I am passionate about water conservation. After years of teaching others how to convert their thirsty lawns to a River Friendly Landscape, I decided it was time to take my own advice and remove my lawn too.

I turned to my colleagues at EcoLandscape California for help. They assisted me with design ideas and they connected me with a Green Gardener at Simple Solutions. We removed my front lawn and replaced it with low water use plants using River Friendly practices. My water consumption dropped from 1,000 gallons to 40 gallons a week. I was so happy with my front yard and so tired of mowing my backyard that I converted the backyard too!

With a fully water-wise landscape I have saved over 48,000 gallons every year. My beautiful yard is also now a food source for bees and other important species. On top of this, I received a rebate from the Department of Water Resources for removing my turf. You can too by going to

If you would like to nominate your yard, or someone else’s, please email (or call at 916-617-5025). You can use Next Door to make a nomination, as well as stay informed about neighborhood events. Visit to get started.

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