YOLOBUS Launches Real Time Alerts


Yolobus riders are now able to subscribe to real time text alerts for the routes that they use every day. Due to the upturn in the economy, traffic has increased in the Sacramento Region and bus riders need to know if their bus is going to be late due to traffic or some other reason so they can notify family, their places of employment or their dentist if the bus is going to be late.

Like many transit services, Yolobus has employed technology that enables riders to use smart phones to track bus arrival times.

Yolobus LIVE, displays where the bus is on a given bus route in real time.  Yolobus LIVE is a more advanced tool and requires a smart phone with a robust cellular connection.

Yolobus Alert, is a simple text-based alert that a rider can subscribe to on any cell phone.  A rider can select one or more routes and if their bus is late, a short text message will notify them within a few minutes. “This is a great tool for our riders.  It takes all the guess work out of figuring out if and why a bus is late,” said Harold Anderson, Chair, Yolo County Transportation District and Councilman from the City of Winters.

The Yolo County Transportation District administers Yolobus, which operates local and intercity bus service 365 days a year in Yolo County and neighboring areas. Yolobus serves West Sacramento, Davis, Winters, Woodland, downtown Sacramento, Sacramento International Airport, Cache Creek Casino Resort, Esparto, Madison, Dunnigan and Knights Landing, with connections to other regional transportation services.


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