Grand Opening for Village Parkway South

A ribbon cutting ceremony marked the opening today of Village Parkway South. The new road, complete with marked bike lanes, replaces S. River Road, which is being removed as part of the Southport Levee Improvement Project. Village Parkway South provides access to property owners affected by the levee work. It’s also an important north/south corridor through this rural section of West Sacramento, improving emergency response time and extending the City’s bike lane network.

This roadway completes Phase 1 of the levee project, which when finished, will provide Southport with six miles of fortified flood protection.


City Manager Martin Tuttle, West Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency Director Tom Ramos,  City Council members Chris Ledesma, Bill Kristoff, Babs Sandeen, and Mark Johannessen


Cyclists get ready to test out the new bike lanes.



Flood Protection Manager Greg Fabun explains the levee project during a tour on a Yolobus.



Village Parkway replaces West Sacramento road atop levee

New levee leads to new road in West Sacramento

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