Congratulations Erin on Poplar Street, our Drought Spotlight Honoree for June!

June Drought Spotlight Honoree – Erin on Poplar Street

When Erin moved into her house, landscaping was nonexistent. There was nothing but Bermuda grass and a nearly dead tree.

Having dreamed of a turf-less, low-water and low-maintenance front yard for years, Erin used her knowledge as a Master Gardener to make the change. She planted several lavender creeping lantanas, a crape myrtle tree, English lavender plants and more; surrounding all of the plantings with a generous layer of mulch.

Unknown to her at the time, there were crocosmia bulbs in the soil, which came to life with a little water and now provide a nice contrast to the lantana with their orange-red flowers. Bees and butterflies abound. Over the years, iris and other low-water-use plants have been added. Mulch is applied as needed to keep the soil moisture and temperature even.

Congratulations Erin, you are our June Drought Spotlight Honoree!

If you would like to nominate your yard, or someone else’s, please email (or call at 916-617-5025). You can use Next Door to make a nomination, as well as stay informed about neighborhood events. to get started.

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