Statement from the Mayor on Dallas Shootings

West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon released the following statement in response to the tragedy in Dallas:

The City of West Sacramento stands with the people, the city, and the police department of Dallas. We offer our support to the families of the officers slain last night.

As Dallas Mayor Rawlings said, “In the end three things remain: faith, hope and love. We need all three today.”  He has called on each of us to face the challenges of race, policing, community, and safety head-on, with both steely resolve and humility. He’s right.

The officers and staff of our own West Sacramento Police Department put themselves on the line every minute of each day.  The city they serve is no less committed to protecting their own safety.

I want citizens of every race, every sexual orientation, every religion, and every neighborhood in West Sacramento to know that the horrors they have seen in videos and pictures in other parts of the nation are not our reality. Independent agencies that track police-involved fatalities report that West Sacramento is one of the only cities in the region to have had none during this century.  That isn’t an accident, as the men and women of the department strive to meet ever-higher standards of ethics, performance, and transparency, and as they lead the way in implementing 21st Century community policing practices that build genuine trust. Our city doesn’t use policing as a way to grow our fine revenues, and we don’t hire white supremacists.

We are human beings and imperfect, and we will make mistakes.  So your involvement, activism, scrutiny, and protest must make us continuously better as a department, as a city, and as a community.  So, too, do your smiles, encouragement, and, on days like today, your sympathy.

Flags half staff in front of City Hall



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