City Employees Recognized This Week For Dedication

Each year, the City of West Sacramento honors the hard work of City staff with recognition for both individual and team efforts that exemplify the City Council’s high standards.

On July 22, the 2016 Team of the Year award was presented to the Flood Protection Team.   This multi-disciplinary group of staff members is responsible for carrying out the flood protection strategies of the City of West Sacramento and the West Sacramento Flood Control Agency.  The team achieved several key project milestones in 2016.

team of year

The 2016 Employee of the Year award was presented to Parks and Recreation staff member Keith Moehring on July 26.  Keith manages the City’s irrigation systems, and was largely responsible for the City achieving increased water conservation goals imposed by the State.

Keith Moehring was awarded as the 2016 Employee of the Year!

Additional employees who were honored include Erin Rivas of the Community Development Department, who received the Ambassador Award; Mark Hull of the Fire Department, who received the Contribution award; Polly Harris of the Economic Development and Housing Department, who received the Customer Service award; Hector Gramajo of the Public Works Department, who received the Work Ethic award; and nominees Ana Padilla (Parks and Recreation), Matt Luiz (Police), Seamus Laffey (Community Development), Luke Forbis (Public Works) and Jim Turney (Public Works).   Congratulations to all of these great staff members!

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