Congratulations Linda from the State Streets, our Drought Spotlight Honoree for August!


Linda from the State Streets got rid of her front lawn and replaced it with drought-tolerant succulents! Learn how she made that change below:

“When people started talking about the possibility of a drought in 2011, I cut down on watering the front and back yards. In 2012, when it became evident it was getting severe I began thinking about taking out my grass in front. In March 2014, I decided to move forward with the front yard. I found a contractor, told him what I wanted and proceeded to get the work done. It took about four weeks to make the change. I now have a little world of succulents: prickly pear, barrel cactus, aloe vera, red hat cactus and others planted along with a catalpa tree. I have a split rail fence along the driveway, sidewalk and down the property line. To frame the yard, lantana flowers in yellow and purple were planted along the sidewalk. It is filled in with rock and has a drip-system, which I do maybe once a month or twice for twenty minutes.”

Thank you Linda, you are our Drought Spotlight Honoree for the month of August!


If you would like to nominate your yard, or someone else’s, please email (or call at 916-617-5025). You can use Next Door to make a nomination, as well as stay informed about neighborhood events. Visit to get started.


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