Third Graders Plan! Pack! Protect! In Flood Prep Exercise

Students at Riverbank Elementary joined West Sacramento Mayor Pro Tem Babs Sandeen and West Sac Flood Protect during a fun and engaging news conference Wedenesday, Oct. 26 to highlight California Flood Preparedness Week.

Sandeen stressed the importance of being prepared in case of a flood emergency. She also enlisted students to help explain the three P’s of flood preparedness: Plan. Pack. Protect.


Project partners including Sam Stefanki, Congresswoman Matsui’s District Director, and Darren Suen, Chief, FloodSAFE Information and Advocacy Branch at the Department of Water Resources shared their perspectives on flood preparedness. They also spoke about significant new milestones for West Sacramento’s flood program as it moves toward construction of a major levee project in Southport this winter. Students participated by answering questions about how to be flood prepared and chanting Plan! Pack! Protect!

Everyone signed a life-size Plan. Pack. Protect. pledge certificate. Students also played West Sac Flood Protect’s Flood Challenge computer game, colored activity sheets featuring the Flood Challenge game characters and experienced a flood tabletop simulation provided by the Department of Water Resources.

Here’s more information on West Sacramento Flood Protection Projects.


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