Solar Panel Installation Project

The City’s Solar Panel installation project is now complete. It included adding alternative power sources on four different properties. The total project cost was roughly 3 million dollars, and the net savings over 25 years is projected to be 4.5 million dollars.

Solar panels were installed at the Bridge District Water Tank, Central Water Storage Tank, Fire Station 45 and City Hall; which in total will offset power consumption by roughly 88%. With this project the City expects to avoid 4,200 metric tons of greenhouse gasses and generate more than 6 million kilowatts of clean power within the first five years. This is equivalent to the greenhouse gases of 891 passenger vehicles driven for one year and 23 rail cars’ worth of coal burned! Additionally, the panels installed at Fire Station 45 and City Hall will provide shade for vehicles in the parking lot.

This project aligns with the City’s 2014 Strategic Plan, Municipal Technology Innovation which was listed as a High Priority.

City Hall


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