New Mandatory Organic Recycling Requirements


California State law now requires businesses generating 8 cubic yards or more of organic waste to recycle the organic portion of their waste. On January 1, 2017 businesses generating 4 or more cubic yards of organic waste will be required to recycling this waste. The State defines organic waste as food waste, food soiled paper, yard waste and non-hazardous wood waste.

To learn more about the new organic recycling requirements, please visit:

If you would like assistance determining if you will be required to recycle organics, or if you would like help identifying recycling options, please contact the City at (916) 617-4590 or
To set up organic recycling services, please contact an organics recycling service provider directly.

How to Comply with the Organic Recycling Requirements
Businesses may use 1 or more of the following methods to meet the organic recycling requirements:
1.  Reduce the amount of organic waste your business produces.
2.  Sell or donate your organic waste.
3.  Recycle your organic waste onsite. (Subject to municipal code compliance and other permits)
4.  Self haul to an organics processing facility.
5.  Subscribe to an organic waste recycling service and sort out your organic waste from other waste.

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