Sacramento Weir Opened To Ease Flood Risk

weir-1-10-17-west sac pd photo

For the first time since 2006, several gates of the Sacramento Weir were opened this morning by the Department of Water Resources to divert water from the rain swollen Sacramento River into the Yolo Bypass. The action eases pressure on levees along the Sacramento River, including those protecting West Sacramento. It’s an important part of the region’s flood protection system.

Bryan Jonson, head of the City’s Emergency Services Division said, “By opening the gates, relief is taken off of our levee system to assist in keeping the river at a more manageable level.”

The weir is located on County Road 22 just upstream from West Sacramento’s George Kristoff Water Treatment Plant.

How the Sacramento weir works

Sacramento Bee graphic

So far there have been no major problems reported in the City of West Sacramento from the storms. As is typical during high river levels, portions of the River Walk are under water in front of the Ziggurat Building.

Reclamation District 900 inspectors are conducting 24/7  levee patrols.  As a result, a five-mile portion of South River Road from the McGowan Bridge to Gregory Ave. is shut down to thru traffic as a safety precaution while high river levels persist.

Public Works crews are handling clogged street drains and clearning downed trees as needed.  Public Works can be reached at (916) 617-4850. You can also use the West Sacramento Connect app.

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