Police Launch “Safe and Secure” Program

The West Sacramento Police Department is taking steps to make child custody exchanges and transactions between internet buyers and sellers a lot safer.

Internet originated transactions have been linked to criminal activity throughout the country. Suspects posing as buyers make arrangements with sellers to meet for the exchange and the sellers end up becoming victims of a crime. Our officers also often get dispatched to civil stand-by calls dealing with child custody exchanges. These calls sometimes end up with two parents engaged in a screaming match in front of their children.


To that effect, the West Sacramento Police Department has created a “Safe and Secure” exchange program. We have designated two specific parking spots in front of our police station that are under 24 hour surveillance. The spaces will be clearly marked with reflective signs, indicating their use. While not foolproof, the Police Department provides a feeling of security, and an extra layer of oversight for people worried about potentially dangerous encounters. Our hope, is that the exchange zone will positively impact the crime rate for internet originated transactions and minimize disputes during child custody exchanges within our city.

The program is available on February 14, 2017. Citizens are free to use the designated parking areas at their will, on a first come, first serve basis. If the parking spaces are full, citizens can utilize the entire parking lot as it is under 24 hour surveillance.

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