Please Stay Off Levees

The City of West Sacramento is asking for the public’s help in keeping vehicles off levees surrounding the City.


There have been several incidents of trucks, cars and motorcycles driving up and down the sides of levees causing deep ruts which can lead to severe erosion during periods of heavy rain. In addition to potentially compromising the integrity of these levees, it increases the cost of maintenance. Reclamation District 900 crews have been inspecting West Sacramento levees 24/7 and report no issues, aside from this vandalism.


Please be vigilant. If you see any suspicious activity on or around our levees, call the West Sacramento Police Department at 916-372-3375.

Other than on city roadways, vehicular traffic on top of or along the sides of levees is illegal, dangerous and should be reported immediately. Violators face prosecution for driving an unauthorized motor vehicle on a levee.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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