Bike Share Comes to West Sacramento

The Tower Bridge Bike Share program is under way in West Sacramento and Sacramento providing a convenient and economical way for commuting, running errands, visiting friends or just for fun! 50 bikes are currently available in West Sacramento.  A full regional system of 900 bikes is expected in the Fall of 2017.

Bikes are located at hub locations identified in the map above.

There are 8 bike share stations in West Sacramento: 5th Street and C Street, Burgers and Brew, CalSTRS, Tower Bridge Gateway and 3rd Street, West Gateway Place, Civic Center, Garden Park, and The Barn. Social Bicycles (SoBi) has leased and will be operating the system out of the 5th Street Garage.  Available 24/7, Tower Bridge Bike Share enhances transportation options and reduces traffic congestion.

“It’s a great new alternative way to get around for work, for errands, for lunch, for other short trips, taking advantage of our great weather and flat landscapes to just grab a bike and go.” – West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon


The bicycles will be accessible through a smart phone app. For those without smart phone access there will be outdoor kiosks at selected parking stations and indoor kiosks at future partner locations. For users without credit cards there will be an option for cash payments. Visit to learn how this system works and view app download options.


Bike share starts in Sacramento. See where you can get one

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