It’s NOT too Late to Conserve Water & Save Money!

The City of West Sacramento is offering the Irrigation Efficiency Rebate Program. This program reimburses residents up to $500 for upgrading their old irrigation system to a new water-wise one. The rebate applies to the purchase and installation of irrigation products such as drip irrigation, water efficient sprinkler nozzles and smart irrigation controllers.

Don’t worry if landscaping isn’t your thing! You will receive a free at-home inspection from WaterWise Consulting to determine exactly what your landscape needs in order to use less water.

Applications are accepted until June 30, 2017!

For questions, call 916-617-5025. To get started, see the Outline, Application and Terms and Conditions below:
Terms and Conditions
Frequently Asked Questions
Eligible Irrigation Products
Irrigation Store Locations
Sample Invoice
Helpful Links

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