Southport Levee Improvement Project Update; South River Road Closure Map

Portions of South River Road in West Sacramento are now permanently closed due construction of the Southport Levee Improvement Project. Earthwork is underway and is expected to continue into the fall 2017. Activities include clearing along the land side of the levee followed by demolition.

South River Road has been closed at Gregory Ave, Davis Rd, Linden Rd, and Locks Dr.

Traffic will be impacted due to road closures, and traffic control will occur along South River Road between Locks Drive and Gregory Avenue during clearing activities. Village Parkway is an alternate route available to the public.

  • South River Road from Locks Drive to Davis Road: North end at Locks Dr. will remain available for local access only (will NOT be maintained by the City and users will be accessing this roadway at their own risk).
  • Closure of Linden Road and Davis Road at intersection with South River Road: Access for the marinas will be via the north end at Locks Drive and will remain open until completion of the new access roads from Village Parkway.
  • Closure of South River Road from Davis Road to Gregory Avenue: NO public access allowed.

Road access map below:

The Southport Levee Improvement Project will implement flood risk-reduction measures along one of the most vulnerable levee segments along the Sacramento River in the Southport area. The Project extends along the west bank of the Sacramento River, from just south of the Barge Canal, downstream 5.6 miles to the South Cross Levee. It will bring this section of levee up to current standards with Federal and State levee criteria, as well as provide opportunities for ecosystem restoration and public recreation.


South River Road Closure Informational Flyer

Southport Sacramento River Levee Improvement Project 


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