Connect Card Unites Region’s Public Transit

Public transit users have a new, convenient way to pay for their travels. The Connect Card is a reusable smart card that allows riders to load cash value or transit passes across nine different transit systems in the region, including YoloBus. Details about the card were announced at a news conference in the parking lot at Raley Field this morning.

This system makes it easier for people to ride transit because they can simply carry one universal fare card and manage their account balances online or at local transit agencies.

Council Member Chris Ledesma said, “In our region, not only is West Sacramento a different city but it is in another county. But when our residents want to get around, they don’t think about jurisdictional boundaries, they just want to get from their home in say Southport and see the Kings play, or leave midtown to head to the Barn for a concert on the river. This project breaks those invisible boundaries and frees our residents to travel on transit seamlessly.”

Raley’s is a retail partner and will be selling Connect Cards at 14 locations throughout the region.

For more information, visit the Connect Card website.

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