Southport Levee Improvement Project-July Update

Earthwork along the setback levee in Southport is in full swing.

You may see trucks hauling dirt travelling along Jefferson Boulevard to Davis Road toward the Southport Levee Improvement Project along the Sacramento River.

Levee embankment material is being placed behind Bees Lake from adjacent properties and will continue south along the new levee alignment.

Traffic along South River Road between Locks Drive and Gregory Avenue is being limited and local traffic is using Village Parkway as an alternate route.

The Southport Levee Improvement Project will implement flood risk-reduction measures along one of the most vulnerable levee segments on the river. The Project extends along the west bank of the river, from just south of the Barge Canal, downstream 5.6 miles to the South Cross Levee. It will bring this section of levee up to current standards with Federal and State levee criteria, as well as provide opportunities for ecosystem restoration and public recreation. The City is planning to construct a Class A bike trail on top of the levee and other park lands are being developed nearby.


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