Linden Road Re-Striping Update

Road crews are beginning the process of re-striping Linden Road, west of Jefferson Blvd. (Linden Loop). There will be partial lane closures during this work which should begin Monday, August 7 and last through late August.

This work is part of the larger Bike Lane Gap Closure project that will add approximately 7.21 miles of new bike routes throughout the City.

The goal of the work on Linden Loop is to add new bikes lanes, calm traffic, and create safer pedestrian crossings. The work along this segment includes a “Road Diet” which will reduce the number of travel lanes from 4 lanes to 2 lanes and adds protected bike lanes, creates on-street parking for neighborhood parks, and accommodations for safer and more efficient pick-up/drop-off at Southport Elementary.


The concept of the “Road Diet” for Linden Loop was brought before City Council on September 7, 2016 and subsequently brought before the Transportation Mobility and Infrastructure Commission on September 12th, 2016 and a community outreach meeting was held at Southport Elementary on January 17th, 2017. City Council and the Transportation Mobility and Infrastructure Commission were both supportive of the “Road Diet.” In addition, community members provided generally positive feedback to staff at the community outreach meeting and some changes were incorporated into the construction plans for the Linden Loop as a result of this feedback.


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