Water Meter Conversion Under Way in North Area

The following is a message from the City’s Utility Billing Division

Comparative Metered Water Billing Announcement:

In compliance with State law, the City of West Sacramento has been installing water meters on residential properties. Work is currently going on in the Bryte, Broderick, and Rivers nieghborhoods. State law requires that customers with a water meter be billed for their water usage on a volumetric (metered) rate, or by how much water is actually used.  To help in the transition from the flat rate service charge to a metered rate, the City has begun comparative billing. The comparative bill will show the flat rate billing and the cost that would be charged for your water consumption at today’s metered water rate.  The metered water is comprised of a flat service fee that is based on whether your property has a ¾” or 1” water meter and the fee for the water consumption that goes through your meter. Starting November 2017, residential customers with the bill due date of the 20th of the month, will be billed by the consumption metered rate.

If a customer wishes to change to the metered rate service earlier than scheduled, they may call Utility Billing at 916-617-4589. The comparative billing data is informational only until November 2017.


photo of new water meters in the City of West Sacramento



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