Storm Preparations

City staff attended regional flood preparation meetings last month with the state.  A City specific flood preparation meeting was held last week and staff from RD 900 and the state attended. We reviewed the West Sacramento slow-rise flood plan, flood fighting supplies and equipment inventories, emergency operations center implementation protocols and updated our emergency contact information.

Last week, we also began removing leaves and debris from the roadway so the drainage systems perform as designed.  We ran two street sweepers accompanied by loading equipment to gather street debris throughout the City. We made a major effort in the area of Allen Road and Gregory Road to clean historically impacted storm drains. We inspected and cleaned storm piping and debris from storm drain stations in other areas as well. We established a sand bag distribution center at 1951 South River Road and this information was also posted on the City’s website. Our staff is patrolling the City and known impacted areas, and can respond quickly to any emergency.

For Sand Bag Information or other Public Works Services: 916-617-4850  

Annual Tree Lighting
The Annual Tree Lighting event is scheduled for this Friday at 6:00 pm. If it is
raining, which it likely will be, we plan to move the event inside to the
Galleria. Doors will be opening at 5:30 pm, choirs at 6:00pm, Santa arrives at
6:30pm and Mooie’s After Party will be at the Community Center from 7:00 to

Annual Tree Lighting Event Contact: Scott Stanley 916-617-4620

Day Shelter Services and Support
The Broderick Christian Center (BCC) at 110 6th Street in West Sacramento is open from 8 a.m. to noon.  They also recently received a grant to provide motel vouchers for families with minors and hope to have this up and running very soon.  We are not aware of any other organizations or local church groups that were providing any type of services in West

Contact for BCC Day Shelter Services: Sharon Wagener 916-372-0200 x114

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