Public Notice of Proposed Pioneer Bluff Bridge Project

The City of West Sacramento proposes to build a bridge that connects South River Road across the Barge Canal. The proposed bridge connects the existing two  lane South River Road cul-de-sac on the north side of the Barge Canal to South River Road on the south side of the Barge Canal.

The bridge will include one 12-foot lane in each direction and one future un-striped 12-foot lane in each direction, a 2-foot raised median and shoulders, and two 6-foot walkways separated from traffic by a concrete barrier.

The project will also signalize the intersection of 15th Street and South River Road. The City has studied the effects this project may have on the environment and studies show no significant affect on the quality of the environment. These findings are explained in a report called the Initial Study with proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration.  This notice advises you that the preparation of the report has been completed and is available for review thru Feb. 11, 2013.

During the public review period, a copy of the draft Mitigated Negative Declaration is available at City Hall, 1110 West Capitol Ave., and the Arthur F. Turner Community Library, 1212 Merkley Ave. An electronic copy of the Initial Study may be viewed online by clicking the link provided below.  If you have any comments about the Initial Study and processing the project with a Mitigated Negative Declaration, or disagree with the findings of the study, or would like to request a public hearing, please submit your request or comments no later than Feb. 11, 2013 to Jay Davidson, City of West Sacramento, 1110 West Capitol Ave., 2nd floor, West Sacramento, CA 95691, or by phone at (916) 617-4645, or by email to

Click here for the Pioneer Bluff Bridge Project Public Notice.

Initial Study with proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration


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