“Cry Wolf,” New False Alarm Information

Police BadgeLast year the West Sacramento Police Department responded to 3,183 false alarm calls. The cost of responding to those false alarm calls was over $150,000 in officer time and resources. In an effort to reduce false alarms and allow police resources to be allocated more effectively, ordinance 12-8 was adopted which amended chapter 8.11 of the municipal code relating to alarms.

The new ordinance mandates an annual alarm permit renewal and revises the fees/fines associated with false alarms. There is no fee for registering your alarm. NOTE: Existing alarm users are required to re-register their alarm into the new system. Registering your alarm automatically grants you an approved permit unless you are notified of issues affecting your approval status.

The new ordinance provides for 2 false alarms within a one year period without penalty. Third and subsequent false alarms will result in a fine.

The City of West Sacramento has contracted with a third party vendor, called “Public Safety Corporation,” that provides a program to track and issue alarm permits and false alarm invoices. The program is called “Cry Wolf.” Visit our City website https://www.crywolf.us/oss/westsacramentoca/ to link to the “Cry Wolf”.  Here you can  register your alarm, pay false alarm fees, and obtain educational resources about false alarm reduction. There are also provisions for alarm registration and payment of false alarm fines via phone. Public Safety Corporation/Cry Wolf will also send you annual permit renewal notices.

This new registration system is now available.

To access the new alarm registration site: http://www.crywolf.us/westsacramentoca . If you do not have computer access, call the Cry Wolf customer service center, 1-(855) 694-8281, Mondays thru Fridays, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. PST.

For more information please download the Alarm Flyer here.

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