New Trees Help Honor Victims of Violence

West Sacramento’s observation of Arbor Day 2013 included a remembrance of all victims of violent crime. Councilmember Oscar Villegas and City Manager Martin Tuttle welcomed volunteers to the Arbor Day event, April 27 at Westfield Elementary Playfield, 508 Poplar St. Parks and Community Services Commission Chair Bernadette Austin-Bower read the Mayor’s Arbor Day Proclamation and CalFire’s John Melvin presented the 7th Arbor Day plaque.

Roy Gillham and Chris Schroeder provided a plaque to honor victims of violence. Lt. Tod Sockman of the West Sacramento Police Dept. released information about local assistance available to victims of violence. Twenty beautiful Golden Rain trees were planted during the ceremony.

Arbor Day 2013
Pictured, left to right, Vincent Villegas, City Councilmember Oscar Villegas, City Manager Martin Tuttle (with shovel) and WSPD Lt. Tod Sockman.


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