The Southport Levee Improvements Project

In an effort to reduce flood risk for West Sacramento residents, the Southport Levee Improvements project involves the construction of approximately four miles of new setback levee. The project requires the relocation of South River Road, adjacent to the Sacramento River. The current electrical and communications utilities on South River Road must be relocated to allow construction of the levee improvements. West Sacramento’s flood team has been coordinating with the utility companies to relocate facilities to the interim Village Parkway alignment, which is being built to replace access to properties adjacent to South River Road. PG&E is awaiting confirmation of the draft utility relocation design for its facilities. Once the draft utility relocation design is confirmed, it will be presented to the affected property owners for their review and comment.  Utility Relocation and necessary Real estate acquisitions for the project are contingent on the approval of Environmental Impact Report by the West Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency (WSAFCA) board, which is currently scheduled for the fall of 2013.  Construction is anticipated to begin in the spring of 2014.  However, improvements affecting the State/Federal levee system cannot commence until approval of the Environmental Impact Statement by the US Army Corp of Engineers, currently scheduled for the spring/summer of 2014.

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