The City of West Sacramento Water Treatment Plant Needs Your Help

The City of West Sacramento Water Treatment Plant needs your help.  Every 3 years the City is required to conduct lead and copper testing of the City’s drinking water supply by collecting samples from West Sacramento residences.  The test is simple and only takes a few moments of your time.




■ Contain copper pipes with lead solder installed after 1982 or contain lead pipes; and/or

■ Are served by a lead service line. When multiple-family residences comprise at least 20 percent of the structures served by a water system, the system may include these types of structures in its sampling pool; and

■ Sampling sites may not include faucets that have point-of-use or point-of-entry treatment devices designed to remove inorganic contaminants (reverse osmosis or other water purifying systems and water softeners).

Please call (916) 617-4590 by Monday July 8, 2013 if you meet the sampling criteria and are able to participate.  The City of West Sacramento thanks you for your assistance!

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