Don’t Rush to Flush

In an effort to help protect our waterways and our children, the California Product Stewardship Council launched a medicine collection project called Don’t Rush to Flush on Wednesday, July 10, 2013.

This exciting new medication disposal program has been designed specifically for the residents of Sacramento and Yolo Counties through a grant from the Rose Foundation.  Don’t Rush to Flush unveiled six new locations, including the City’s very own Jefferson Pharmacy, located at 1029 Jefferson Blvd, where free drop-off bins are available to the general public to safely dispose of their unused medications.

This project is based on the willingness of key partners, the participating pharmacies and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s station, to share in the responsibility for unwanted meds by paying for ongoing disposal of the medications.  The Rose Foundation is providing the grant funds to buy the bins and conduct initial public outreach. This project is a great public/private partnership to provide a public service that citizens want.  By providing six new convenient locations, this program will help get unused medications out of homes and away from children and pets while helping to keep our waterways clean for future generations.

The goal of Don’t Rush to Flush is to discourage flushing unused medications down toilets and drains.  Through Don’t Rush to Flush, the general public will be educated on the SAFE way to dispose of unused medications, while encouraging physicians to help reinforce the message to their patients of secure storage while using medications and safe disposal when medications are no longer needed.

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