Sign Up for Reverse 911 Notification System

Police BadgeThe Reverse 911 Notification System is now available to residents of West Sacramento.

The Sacramento Regional Reverse system is an emergency community notification tool to inform residents and business owners of significant incidents occurring in a geographical area within the city.

The enhanced system also offers the ability for those with mobile phones or VOIP systems to register their phones to a physical address and receive alerts when that address is included in an emergency notification. Because of increasing popularity and usage of cellular phones, this feature allows contact with more individuals living and working in the affected area. Residents, business owners and even those employed within
West Sacramento can register their phone numbers to receive informative recorded messages.

The Reverse 911 system can be used for neighborhood emergencies where health and safety is a concern such as evacuation notices, at risk missing person notifications, and crime scenes. The use of Reverse 911 is an effective way to communicate important incidents to the residents and businesses within West Sacramento.

If you work or live within the West Sacramento city limits, and wish to be part of this
notification system, register your contact information by visiting the West Sacramento Police Dept. website at . Click on the Reverse 911 tab on the lower left side of the screen and follow the prompts.

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