Pioneer Bluff Bridge Under Construction–New Bridge will Improve Traffic Flow on Jefferson Blvd.

Construction of the Pioneer Bluff Bridge in West Sacramento is underway. The new bridge will link South River Road across the Barge Canal, adding a third connection between the north and south portions of the city. The Pioneer Bluff Bridge will improve traffic circulation on the eastern side of the city.

The bridge provides an alternate vehicular route from Highway 50 to Southport, thereby reducing traffic delays on Jefferson Boulevard and Highway 50/Business 80 associated with goods movement at the Port of West Sacramento and other rail users in the West Sacramento industrial area.

The Pioneer Bluff Bridge will be 615 feet long and approximately 80 feet wide. The bridge will include one 12-foot lane in each direction and one future un-striped 12-foot lane in each direction, 6-foot bike lanes, a raised median, and two 6-foot walkways separated from traffic by a concrete barrier. Bridge aesthetics include a decorative concrete barrier with gold steel hand-railing along the outside edges of the bridge and a half circle-shaped pedestrian overlook on both sides of the bridge at mid-span.

The City has awarded the Pioneer Bluff Bridge construction contract to C.C. Myers, Inc. Bridge construction is expected to be completed by November 2014. The project is in the City’s Capital Improvement Program and pivotal to the Circulation Element of the City General Plan.

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